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Dental Sealants at iHeart Dental

Brushing and flossing can remove food particles and plaque from the smooth surfaces of teeth, but they cannot always get into all the nooks and crannies of the back teeth to remove the food and plaque. If left alone, those tiny areas can develop tooth decay. An easy way to protect against tooth decay is through the use of dental sealants. At iHeart Dental, we provide teeth sealants for kids and adults around the Rincon, GA area. This preventive treatment is a quick, easy, and affordable way to protect against tooth decay and preserve dental health. 

What are Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants are a thin plastic coating painted on the grooves of the chewing surfaces of the back teeth (the premolars and molars) to help prevent tooth decay. That’s because the back teeth have more depressions and are primarily involved in chewing and biting activities of the mouth. 

Their primary function is to prevent plaque and food residues from getting trapped in the ridges and depressions of teeth. The paint-on cavity sealant flows into the pits and grooves in the teeth, resulting in a bonded shield over the enamel of each tooth, which stops bacteria and acid from settling on your teeth to prevent tooth decay.

Who are the Best Candidates for Getting Dental Sealants?

Both children and adults can benefit from sealants. In children, it’s best to apply dental sealants on their permanent molars and premolars as soon as these teeth come in, catching them well before decay forms. The first molars generally appear around six years of age, and the second molars around 12 years of age. Children between the ages of 6 and 14 benefit the most from molar sealants. By protecting your teeth with sealants, you will help to reduce the chance of decay, save time and money.

In some cases, teeth sealants may also be appropriate for baby teeth, especially if a child’s baby teeth have deep grooves or depressions. Because baby teeth play a critical role in holding the correct spacing for permanent teeth, protecting them from tooth decay is crucial.

How are Teeth Sealants Applied?

At iHeart Dental, the dental sealants procedure is a quick and painless procedure that begins with cleaning your teeth to remove food residue and plaque. We then clean and dry the teeth before applying an acidic gel to your teeth. This gel roughens your tooth surface so that a strong bond will form between your tooth and the sealant.

After a few moments, we rinse your tooth again before applying the sealant onto the grooves of your tooth. Dr. Misty M. Seale, DMD, will then use a special curing light to harden the sealant. Once the dental sealant has set, it becomes a hard plastic coating, and you can chew on the tooth again.

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Benefits of Molar Sealants

Permanent molars have the highest risk of tooth decay and benefit the most from dental sealants. There are several benefits of sealing your teeth, including: 

  • They help fight tooth decay
  • The procedure is quick and painless
  • They improve oral hygiene
  • They are much cheaper than dental fillings

How Do You Care for Teeth Sealants?

Stick to soft foods immediately after getting dental sealants and avoid foods such as hard candy and popcorn. You can resume a regular diet the next day when the sealants have hardened completely. Be sure to brush and floss regularly, just as you would a tooth without sealants. You should also visit the dentist regularly (every six months). During your regular dental check-up at iHeart Dental, Dr. Misty M. Seale, DMD, will check your sealants and reapply them as necessary.

How Much Do Dental Sealants Cost?

Because dental sealants are a preventive treatment to stop cavities from forming, they are often covered for little to no cost under your dental coverage plan. Check with your dental insurance carrier to determine if sealants are covered under your plan. 

Dental Sealants in Rincon, GA

Protect Your Smile Today With Dental Sealants From IHeart Dental!

Dental sealants are a great preventive measure that can protect your teeth against cavities and are perfect for both children and adults. At iHeart Dental, our talented and experienced dentist, Dr. Misty M. Seale, DMD, will examine you to determine if cavity sealants are a suitable option. To learn more about sealants or schedule an appointment with our Rincon, GA dentist, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.